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Neverlooted Dungeon is an innovative first-person dungeon crawler immersive sim, inspired by classics like Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, King's Field, but also D&D role-playing, which uniquely focuses on treacherous deadly traps, physics-based obstacles and tremendous freedom of action.

Venture deep into the Neverlooted Dungeon filled with deadly traps, mysteries and secrets, find your own creative ways to overcome its dangers and be the first to loot!


"Have you ever heard of the Neverlooted Dungeon and its Legendary Treasure? It's a perilous place filled with deadly traps that no one has ever returned from alive, but I'm sure someone as smart and skillful as you could easily succeed. Try your luck now, loot and glory await you!"

As you enter, you feel like something isn't quite right, and there may be a good reason why no one has ever returned. Will you be the first to loot the Neverlooted Dungeon?


  • Defeat Hidden Treacherous Traps

    Live out an intense adventure with a unique focus on defeating treacherous, deadly traps. Be careful, pay attention to the details, sharpen your senses, watch your steps, don't touch anything, become paranoid.
  • Find Your Own Ways Through an Immersive World

    Find your own ways to overcome the dangers and challenges in a deeply immersive and interactive world where your creativity is rewarded. Pile crates on stakes, block saws with chairs, throw buckets at levers - it’s up to you.
  • Careful Nonlinear Exploration

    Explore a great variety of non-linear levels overflowing with forgotten secrets, hidden relics, piles of treasure, countless traps, and lurking monsters.
  • A Dungeon Unlike Any Other

    Discover a dungeon full of flashing arrows and vending machines, in a unique satirical dark fantasy world where something really wrong is going on.
  • Customize Your Abilities

    Acquire powerful magical items to customize your abilities, whether you're a careful explorer, an outstanding acrobat, or a reckless fighter.
  • Survive Lurking Monsters

    Avoid monsters, fight them, lure them into traps, kick them into pits, or serve them as food.
  • Dying is a New Beginning

    If you die, try your luck again. Loot your previous corpse and use it to your advantage to progress even further.

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Version 5
neverlooted-dungeon-demo-linux.zip 402 MB
Version 3


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Fun demo! It's perfect to see something with those Skyrim physics when holding an object, also cool using that to burn the wood, only issue is I'm unsure if you're meant to pick up the torch on the wall at the beginning or not, I'm unsure if the burning the wood to create a torch is a physics tutorial within itself. Anyway very impressive!


Hello, thanks for playing :)
Indeed you are supposed to pickup the torch - but if you find a way to lit your way with a burning log it's cool too.

Very cool demo. I'm looking forward to the release!

10/10 loved the progression and the wands were a unique addition, Also i loved the addition of the boot

Really nice game. I would like to see more of it. Keep up the great work! 

This is a pretty great experience.

The ability to loot your previous character is really clever. That did make for a few frustrating times when the character was in the middle of some spikes so you had to take damage to loot, but it was still manageable.

It has re-playability because of the non-linear layout. I completed the dungeon and found 0 out of the 7 relics.  No idea how big the levels are but they seemed quite large and I don't know how much I was missing. An exploration % would have been neat but there was the gold and relic count that I would imagine gives an approximate percentage.

I did feel like I was fighting the controls every once in a while when attempting long jumps. My expected launch point for the start of the jump was different than what it actually was so I often came up short.  The double pit (where the second pit opens up underneath after you walk on it) I must have attempted 8 times.  The level design was thought out well enough to be able to loot the body without having to take much damage.

The gravity and levitation wand were interesting. I couldn't find a place to use them to access anything I couldn't without them but I didn't try that much as it was close to the end of that level.

No idea if the vending machine was functional.  I couldn't make it accept gold and hitting it with a sword didn't do anything.

I hope the neon lights and general campy humor gets increased  in later levels. I did want more interactions (and maybe they were there I just didn't interact?).

All in all a really interesting game that I think will do very well :)

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